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"Joey's Bill"

The Infant Eye Care Bill, nicknamed “Joey’s Bill”, was written in 2002 and heard in four committees. In two of the hearings the vote was unanimously in our favor. Representative Susan Bucher sponsored the bill in the House and Senator Ron Klein sponsored in the Senate. The bill numbers were HB 1117 SB 2062.

In 2003 the bill passed through the committees in which it was heard; but like 2002, did not get to continue through the process to the floor. The bill sponsors were Rep. Susan Bucher (HB 0115) and Senator Alex Villalobos (SB 2174)

Sadly, in the 2004 session the House refused to hear the bill; however, we will persevere and “Joey’s Bill” will pass…there is no reason not to do this for the children of our state. The sponsors are Rep. Bucher (HB 0907) and Senator Frederica Wilson (SB 2330)..

The Bill is asking for the eye dilation exam before they leave the hospital, the 6 to 8 week well-baby exam and the 6 to 9 month well-baby exam. These three exams in the first six months of life will help ensure healthy vision for all of the children in our state. No child will loose an eye, go blind or die to a treatable eye disease again.

Too many children have lost their vision needlessly and had their lives jeopardized this year alone because we are not doing the eye dilation exam. Healthy vision should be our children’s birthright. Working together we will fix this for the children of our country and throughout the world.


If you would like to contact your legislators about this please contact me

Pam Bergsma (Joey's grandma)

619 South K St.
Lake Worth, Fl. 33460