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Clues To Be Aware of Between Well-Baby Exams

1. Check all of your photos. Especially red eye photos. If you have a white reflection where there should be a red reflection, you may have photographed an eye disease, including retinoblastoma tumors. A picture like this could save your child's vision or life. ***


2. Check for strabismus...irregular eye movement.

- Does the eye roll in or out?

-Does the eyelid appear to be drooping (lazy eye)?

-Is there any odd movement?

-20% of the children who have an eye disease will have strabismus.


3. Check the eyes for abnormal symptoms.

- Is the eye red, itchy, irritated and/or sensitive to light?

-10% of the children who have tumors, cataracts, Coats disease, etc... will have these symptoms.


***Very dark pupils do not reflect red in photos, but the eye disease will still reflect white.

The following pictures are very IMPORTANT!!! They were all taken prior to Joey’s eighteen month check up. It was one week after his second birthday that Joey was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. That was over seven months after these photos were taken. There is a common factor amongst all of these pictures –a WHITE DOT IN THE PUPIL of his right eye.